viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010

Global Warming

Global Warming is caused by many things. The causes are split up into two groups, man-made or anthropogenic causes, and natural causes.

Natural Causes
Natural causes are causes created by nature. One natural cause is a release of methane gas from arctic tundra and wetlands. Methane is a greenhouse gas. A greenhouse gas is a gas that traps heat in the earth's atmosphere. Another natural cause is that the earth goes through a cycle of climate change. This climate change usually lasts about 40,000 years.

Man-made Causes
Man-made causes probably do the most damage. There are many man-made causes. Pollution is one of the biggest man-made problems. Pollution comes in many shapes and sizes. Burning fossil fuels is one thing that causes pollution. Fossil fuels are fuels made of organic matter such as coal, or oil. When fossil fuels are burned they give off a green house gas called CO2. Also mining coal and oil allows methane to escape. How does it escape? Methane is naturally in the ground. When coal or oil is mined you have to dig up the earth a little. When you dig up the fossil fuels you dig up the methane as well.

Another major man-made cause of Global Warming is population. More people means more food, and more methods of transportation, right? That means more methane because there will be more burning of fossil fuels, and more agriculture. Now your probably thinking, "Wait a minute, you said agriculture is going to be damaged by Global Warming, but now you're saying agriculture is going to help cause Global Warming?" Well, have you ever been in a barn filled with animals and you smell something terrible? You're smelling methane. Another source of methane is manure. Because more food is needed we have to raise food. Animals like cows are a source of food which means more manure and methane. Another problem with the increasing population is transportation. More people means more cars, and more cars means more pollution. Also, many people have more than one car.

advantage and disadvantage of cellphone

Advantages: first, with cellphone you can send messages and you don't need to always call the person. Second you can listening to music this is good because sometimes you have to distrac and finally cellphones are portatil. they are small and you can go with it to wathever part.

Disadvantages: Frist, most of the cellphone are expensive, so not everybady can have one. Second, cellphone sometimes are insecures because if you has one somebody can steal you and finally is easy to make a mistake with cellphones because you can send de message to the wrong person.

jueves, 18 de marzo de 2010

earthquake in philippines

Philippine scientists put the preliminary magnitude at 6.5.

The quake was felt in Legazpi city in Albay province, site of the restive Mayon volcano, and southern Leyte province. There were unconfirmed reports of a power outage.

The quake hit at 10:11 p.m. with an epicenter in the ocean 114 miles northeast of Catarman in Northern Samar province, at a depth of 35 miles, said Ishmael Narag, head of the seismology section of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology.

No tsunami warning was issued because of the depth of the quake, Narag said.

Edna Meregildo, a government social worker who lives in Catarman, said she was washing the dishes when the ground shook, followed by a power outage.

"It was quite strong. I exclaimed, 'God, please stop this,'" Meregildo told The Associated Press by telephone.

Arvin Unay, a staffer of Northern Samar's provincial disaster management unit, said the quake toppled a vase in his office but no damage was reported in his province.

Cedric Daep, an Albay provincial disaster-response official, said he ordered his men to check for possible landslides triggered by the quake in mountainous areas and in villages at the foot of Mayon volcano, but had heard of no immediate problems


E-mail advantages. Is convenient because you send any time of day or night. For example, in your free time you can send or receive e-mails. You can send everything like PDF files, music, photos, among others. E-mail saves time like e-mail arrives inmediately and you can send everywhere when you´re using the e-mail. Finally. E-mail is easy to stay in touch because you can write to friends easily and edit easily too.

e-mail have some disadvantages. For example, is less personal because you can´t see the person´s face and is not in live. Another disadvantage is easy to make a mistake like send messages to the wrong person and send very personal/confidential information and finally. Need equipment like have a fast computer. If you don’t have a good one the e-mail will be too late and need internet because if you don’t have you can’t send the message.

Segunda mitad del noveno

This is a great song by Ruben Blades, i think is made to express and tell the world of a situation that is very common in latin american countries.

The lyrics of the "La segunda mitad del noveno" seems to allude to the critical moment we are living in the country: at any moment we may drown in the well of militarism in which we have fallen. The baseball metaphor is appropriate for a country like ours, because allbody can easily see the serious moment. The references to Bob Canel Lavalerie Musiu already approaching this message further to the Venezuelan.