viernes, 16 de abril de 2010

Water pollution

Pollution in the world is a global problem that is affecting us today. There are campaigns to raise awareness of what is happening to the world and because of that i wanted to talk about this problem.

Water pollution, water incorporation of foreign matter such as microorganisms, chemicals, industrial waste and other types, or sewage. These substances impair water quality and make it useless for the intended uses.

The pollution problem arises now more sharply than in the past, for much of the waste have inorganic origin and are not attacked by bacteria disintegrating.

The effort to find a solution is hampered by population growth and the rapid industrial development.

Water pollution remains a problem as population growth continue to increase pressure on the environment. The infiltration of toxic waste in underground aquifers and saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers of fresh water has not been interrupted.

The depletion of aquifers in many parts of the world and the growing demand for water will produce conflicts between the agricultural, industrial and domestic use of it. The shortage will impose restrictions on water use and increase the cost of consumption. Water could become the energy crisis of the early twenty-first century. Contamination of fresh and coastal waters, along with overfishing, has eroded to the point the fish fisheries resources would be necessary to close the fishery for a period of five to ten years for species to recover


Water pollution has affected human health.

The use of contaminated groundwater for drinking and cooking has led to health problems such as diarrhea, hepatitis, and occasional outbreaks of typhoid and cholera.

The inadequate water supply and poor sanitation cause more than 500,000 infant deaths a year as well as high levels of illness and disability in the region. In many countries, cholera is prevalent, especially in those where sanitation facilities are poor such as Afghanistan, China and India.

We need water and we do nothing to not pollutant!!


Title:Benefits of technologies

I. Technologies helps people
A) Work

B) Home

II. Safe time
A) Do your activiies

B) Quick process

Well technology has many benefits. The technologies are important to our everyday I things we find difficult to live without them in this time because they make easier our work and help us to entertainment. Technologies are everywhere.
Technologies help people in many ways one of them is at work. Technologies help you to make your work more accurate and easy. The technologies also help us at home because they do our homework easer too. For example in the kitchen if we had not a can opener would be very difficult to open the can. This technology makes easy this activity but they are more activities technologies could help us.

The technology has many benefits over other of these would be that this saves time because it can make your activities by itself eg cut the grass this activity currently takes a long time and actually are varieties of automatic lawnmowers that do all the work by themselves . The technology will also streamline processes before we used typewriter and if you get a mistake you will start again but now we do everything in the computer that are more practice.
Whatever the technology facilitates our lives and save time they are very important for our work and our home we need it to live in this modern world.

My experience in English 8

Well, at first, this class for me was really boring because I did not understand the things we had to do, like create a blog, how to upload the homework in the blog and things like that. The problem is that I do not like to do homework; I think the class could be better if we do the homework in class with the teacher because I always have a lot of question. However, later the classes start to be more dynamic and less boring because I like to chat in the class and to upload homework’s in the blog.

On the other hand, I learned many things in this level like a lot of vocabulary, how to create a tree diagram; identify the main idea and the concluding sentences. I have to say that it was a great experience because a learned a lot and I meet new friends.